Radha Krishna Statues

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Radha Krishna Swing

This 6-inch Krishna Statue commemorates the "Festival of the Swing". It is held in summertime in India, during the monsoons, and the air is thick, heavy and humid with the heat and the rains. Therefore the devotees invite Radha and Krishna on a "jhulan" and they swing Them, creating a pleasing and refreshing breeze.

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Radha Krishna Statue

Sri Sri Radha and Krishna gracefully stand on a pink lotus. Sri Krishna is the reservoir of pleasure and Srimati Radharani is the supreme pleasure potency. Their love is eternal, ecstatic and divine.
This beautiful statue (coming in different sizes) is made in high quality resin, with meticulous hand painting to exhibit the fine details.

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Divine Couple

Srimati Radharani is the Eternal Consort and the most Beloved of Lord Sri Krishna. They are sitting on a raised platform and a cow is standing behind Them. The cow symbolizes purity and prosperity. The Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha and Krishna are transcendentally auspicious. Bring Them into your homes and be blessed with prosperity, happiness and divinity.
This beautiful 6-inch statue, made in high quality resin with meticulous hand painting to exhibit the fine details.

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